Eichler & Cook.

We Are Eichler & Cook.

We combine 46 years of legislative experience, long-standing relationships, and strategic expertise to craft innovative and comprehensive action plans that fit the unique goals of each client.

We bring the geniality of our small-town Texas roots and the savvy of our Capitol expertise to the table when we connect with decision makers and navigate the intricacies of the legislative process.

What We Do


Merging the talents of a seasoned lawmaker and a senior policy and communications expert, we intrinsically know the policy issues, the challenges faced, and what it takes to engage decision makers and accomplish meaningful change.


We know how to garner attention and motivate action on key priorities. We have been on both the delivery and receiving ends of advocacy efforts and have witnessed the dynamic changes in messaging over the years. Bottom line – we know what works.


As a former legislator, Robby passed over 174 bills and impacted countless more. During Shera’s 18 years supporting a senior legislator, she helped usher 292 bills to the finish line. Our accomplishments speak for themselves and the results will be felt throughout the State of Texas for generations to come.

What We’re Known For


Long-standing relationships and invaluable collaborations with state leaders, legislators, regulatory agencies and staff – inside and outside the Capitol


Successful, bi-partisan coalition building with legislators and policy stakeholders


Expertise in communications strategy development and messaging across all media platforms


Skilled in legislative research and the intricacies of the legislative process and parliamentary procedure


Demonstrated knowledge and implementation of grassroots campaign management and fundraising strategies

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